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Children (4-12 years old) - 40€ (30€ for payment until May 20th, 2019)
Student / Au-Pair / Azubi (older than 12 years old) - 115€ (105€ for payment until May 20th, 2019)
Others - 150€ (140€ for payment until May 20th, 2019)
Commute - 45€ per day (does not include meal and transport)

The seminar price (except for "Commute") includes the accomodation for 4 days and 3 nights* plus breakfast and two warm meals** every day.

*in a shared room up to 6 persons

**minus breakfast and lunch on the first day and minus dinner on the last day

Would you bring your own sleeping set (pillowcase, duvet- and bed cover). You will get a DISCOUNT of 10€ if you choose this option.

Foods & Beverages

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